Break out of overwhelm

Break out of overwhelm | Marcia Francois

Chances are you’re probably inundated with messages from all over the internet.

  • do your job well or you’re letting down the team
  • to be the best mother you have to cook organic, do crafts with your kids regularly, never get cross, etc.
  • to be the best wife you have to run your home well, cook great meals and have quality time with your husband for 2 hours a day 🙂
  • be the most supportive friend

And all the social media doesn’t help either – Facebook and Instagram keep pointing out the things you’re NOT doing.

You’re overwhelmed with everybody telling you what to do to have the elusive work-life balance.

Instead of moving forward though, you feel so overwhelmed that you become totally paralysed with indecision.

Break out of overwhelm is an audio recording and a handout that has helped many people just like you to get clarity about next steps, and given them the tools to move forward calmly to reduce anxiety and overwhelm.

Your investment is $37

Some testimonials from happy customers …

I purchased the Break out of overwhelm course at a time in my life when everything seemed to be falling apart and I did not know where to begin or end, and I could not see a way out.

Marcia’s voice was like that of a good friend pointing out what you needed to do while holding your hand as you did it.
Angela Fletcher


The Break Out of Overwhelm seminar was terrific and really hit home with me! I got sooo much out of it.

I learned a few very important things. First of all, I hate to eat my frogs and yet they are so very important. Secondly, I have to say no and third, I realized just how overwhelmed I really am. My health is at stake and sometimes I feel like I am in a total shutdown.

The analogy you used to illustrate the overwhelm in our lives was great. I now know how to apply “emergency first aid”!!!! I also love knowing how to use my Organizing Personality to reduce my overwhelm.

The important thing here I believe, is that I recognize the problem, I am facing the problem, I just have to sort the alternatives I have.

So, as a result of the teleseminar, I have recognized my overwhelm, set my goals, and already, after one day, I ate my frog. I really got a lot out of this!! You did a great job!

Mary Perlongo, New York

Break out of overwhelm | Marcia Francois

On this MP3 audio you’ll learn…

  • how to recognise the symptoms of overwhelm
  • what type of organising personality you are…and how to work with your style to get your focus back
  • some of my favourite tools (practically free) that help me focus
  • how to break out of overwhelm (when all the noise in your head gets too loud) by doing the absolute minimum you need to do to get you moving forward again… and feeling calm and sane
  • how to eliminate bright shiny object syndrome… so you know which ideas to follow to get the results you want
  • how to get your mojo back (in other words, get the confidence to quickly get you back on track)
  • how to go from lovely ideas to projects actually done and off that eternal to-do list

 Your investment is $37

I loved the clarity of your teaching and you have given me confidence that I can do more. You helped me realise my potential and the timing and ease of use worked very well. The info you suggested was new to me as before, I’d only picked things up from others as I needed.

Tina Hodges

Sheffield, England (Tina has now authored a couple of books and I’m so proud of her)

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Cost only $37

Don’t waste even one more minute in a state of overwhelm – it really is not worth it.