Marcia Francois

I passionately coach and inspire powerful, determined women to make the most of their time and take focussed and purposeful action to reach their personal, relationship and career goals.

Marcia is one sharp cookie and doesn’t let much slip by. She has helped me achieve a big life goal of being made a Master of Feng Shui.

Marcia has also helped me get my work/life balance sorted out. It’s a short sentence but a HUGE difference to one’s life.

She’s given me many suggestions and ideas which have boosted my self-confidence and increased my productivity.

I never ever thought I needed a coach but it’s been an eye opener for me as she has shown me there are different ways to do things. When a person works by themselves, they get cut off from the rest of the world and sometimes there are easier, effortless ways of making one’s life simpler.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Marcia, and I look forward to being challenged by you – yet again!

Vicky Moane
Master of Feng Shui

Sharjah, UAE

What I do

I’m a time management speaker and coach who passionately inspires powerful, determined women to take purposeful, focussed action so they have the time and freedom to reach their personal, relationship and career goals.

I’m based in Johannesburg, South Africa but I work virtually with people all over the world via FaceTime, Skype or Whatsapp Video. I’ve coached clients in South Africa, England, Australia, Ireland, the USA, Germany, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates.

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all there is to do?
  • Do you wish you had more time to get to the things on your to-do list?
  • Are you stressed out and frazzled?
  • Do you feel unbalanced and out of control in your life?
  • Are you spending less quality time with your family than you’d like to?
  • Do you wonder whether you’ll ever get time to exercise or do your hobbies ever again?
  • you can’t say no to anybody and your life is spiralling out of control
  • you feel like your head is full of noise and it’s so distracting
  • your commitments have you overwhelmed
  • you have bright ideas all over the place – on your computer, on bits of paper, Post-It notes and in your Outlook tasks – but very little implemented

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“Coaching gives an average of six times return on investment.”
— Fortune

“When I first met Marcia, I immediately took to her straightforward, warm and friendly style of dealing with people.

I am very creative and being organised definitely doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m always coming up with good ideas but these never seem to take flight, due to a lack of focus and planning on my part.

I decided last year October I didn’t want to put my dreams on hold anymore and immediately thought of Marcia, life management guru. I approached her in desperation, “Please, just help me to organise something! Anything!”

And so began the steady process of reshaping my life. I used to start every year with the good intention of keeping a diary and mapping out my time but I was never able to keep up this new organised mindset.

Marcia has helped me to catch the dreams which continually fly through my creative mind and break them into concrete, doable actions and goals.

This year, I started the new year on a steady foot, with my goals mapped out for the entire year. With Marcia’s help, I am looking forward to seeing each of these achieved with success.

I’ve already realised the value of time and the power of spending each moment wisely, on those things which matter to you, including your dreams.

If Marcia can teach me to keep a diary, she can teach you anything!

This time, organised, diary-wielding Heather is here to stay!”

Heather Ruddock

Journalist, Johannesburg

Check the various 1:1 coaching options


I am known for inspiring confidence and purposeful action in a caring way.

What my clients get by working with me:

1. More than 5 extra hours every week

2. Directed focus

3. Clarified goals and priorities

4. Great ideas

5. Tons of support

6. Practical how-to steps to reach your goals

7. Objective feedback

8. Positive advice

9. Encouragement

10. Inspiration and motivation

11. Guidance

12. Improved self-confidence

13. Realisation of their self-worth

14. Tons of tools and resources

15. And much more!

“After I met with Marcia, I felt clearer as she assisted me in directing my focus. It was great to meet with such an enthusiastic person – she gave me a lot of encouragement and positive advice on how to work on my business goals for the coming year and the long term.”
Angela Phillips
Virtual Assistant

Grahamstown, South Africa

Everybody can be coached

  • Free coaching – through the monthly newsletter, blog and instagram
  • One on one coaching- through my Silver, Gold or Platinum packages
  •  Once-off laser coaching sessions on the topics of time management, goals, organising or using your Tendency effectively
  • VIP coaching – by becoming a Private Platinum client, you get unlimited access to me and access to all my products

Check the various 1:1 coaching options

How coaching works

  • It’s all about YOU – your goals, your dreams.
  • We meet either in person or virtually, by telephone,  online chat room or Skype.
  • Our sessions happen two, three or four times a month, and last for either 30 -60 minutes at a time.
  • A session will normally include feedback from last time, a discussion or brainstorming session, and deciding on an action plan for the upcoming session.
  • After each session, I email a customised action plan through to you.
  • Coaching fees are payable monthly in advance, either in cash, by EFT or by credit card on my secure online server.

Angie Roos

After each of our coaching sessions, I always feel very focussed.

You look at things objectively and always find a solution to every problem. You are also very dedicated. I feel empowered to move forward after each and every session. You set a great example of someone who is professional, totally committed and who works with excellence. You are someone who has high values, integrity and ethics.

Angie Roos, Image Consultant


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rae-bradbury.jpg“I was stuck in a lifestyle rut with my world “just ticking over”. I needed a new challenge but hadn’t been doing anything to make it happen. Then I contacted you, Marcia, and everything changed. What a vibrant and enthusiastic person you are. You encouraged me to become a professional organiser and even gave me a contact. I now believe that this will be my year and that it is never too late “to make things happen”. To a very special person, thank you so much, you have given me back my confidence.”

Rae Bradbury

Port Elizabeth


I challenge you and gently hold you accountable so you reach your goals

“WOW! I loved being held accountable and as a result got so much more done.

Taking my goals and breaking them down into bite sized pieces was super, having your creativity to bounce ideas off of, was phenomenal. I enjoyed our relaxed phone chats, and in no way did you make me feel as though I’d failed.

Your encouragement that poured through was soul refreshing and spurred me on to greater things.

Thanks, Marcia, for your input into my life, I felt as though we connected well and I appreciated your sensitivity and encouragement in my life.


Debbie Herholdt

Pretoria, South Africa

Check the various 1:1 coaching options

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