Four Tendencies coaching

The Four Tendencies framework was created by Gretchen Rubin (New York Times bestselling author), and asks and answers one question that will help you transform your relationships at home and work: how do you respond to inner and outer expectations?

I’ve been passionate about this subject for a few years but I find that the content is almost more necessary now as we all work together from home and relationships assume even higher importance than before.

I am thrilled that I am accredited to offer this coaching, and I would love to work through the content with you too!

You may already know your Tendency (awesome!) but the best part of knowing your Tendency is understanding how to harness it to make you happier, healthier, and more creative in your life by fostering good habits and improving your relationships . Best of all, you will leave our session with specific strategies that work for your tendency, not just strategies that work for other people.

This laser-focussed coaching session is designed for people who are interested in…

  • improving their parenting
  • having better marriages/ partnerships
  • excelling at work with their colleagues and clients
  • reaching their goals and most important of all…
  • having a better understanding of their personalities and what makes them unique, and how to understand their tendencies to reduce Covid-19 frustrations

During our time together, yes, you will have your tendency confirmed. You will also gain self-knowledge – this is the key that will help you overcome challenges in your life, and work with the strengths and limitations of your Tendency, and not against it.

Marcia Francois


I am a big fan of all things Gretchen Rubin and have been following her Four Tendencies framework for a number of years.

My husband and I recently attended a workshop on the Four Tendencies presented by Marcia Francois.

I always knew I would attend a workshop on the Four Tendencies, because I am a Questioner and so, of course, I have questions!

I worked quite hard to convince my Rebel husband (at the time he did not know he was a Rebel, but obviously I did!) to attend the workshop with me and he agreed to it, even though he thought it was nonsense.

Well. We absolutely LOVED it! Even the one who went in thinking that it was all nonsense.

We both learned a lot about our respective tendencies as, well as new ways of navigating each other’s tendencies within the context of our relationship.

I definitely feel that we have experienced a shift. He finally understands my need to ask all the questions and analyse all the things, and I have learned to let him be true to his own Rebel self because really, he just does not care about anyone’s expectations! I also learned ways to harness the Rebel tendencies to the advantage of our family situation.

I would definitely recommend this workshop for couples. It has significantly improved how we communicate with each other and this has completely changed the dynamic between us – for the better!

Marcia is a brilliant, engaging presenter and is excellent at managing her audience. Do attend one of her workshops, especially with your partner. You won’t be sorry.

Julia Webber – Cape Town

Julia and Lance Webber – Cape Town

Phetsile liked it…

Understanding the Four Tendencies is the most rewarding hours I’ve spent on a Saturday afternoon by far.

I’ve been empowered to try different approaches with my husband and children after identifying all of our tendencies. I feel so much better because I understand why we sometimes clash and struggle to reach consensus.

Phetsile Dhlamini, Obliger

Why coach with me vs learning it online, on your own?

  1. Despite having the very best intentions, you know you’re not going to work through all the material on your own.
  2. You need the accountability to pitch up
  3. You want to have fun while learning about your tendency.
  4. A low time commitment of 15 minutes preparation plus 60 – 75 minutes with me
  5. 100 people have been through this content with me over the last two years

Here are all the details:

Date: Depending on where you are in the world, we will find a time. Let me know where you are located and I will send you some suggestions.

Venue: Zoom private room

Duration: our session together is either 60 or 75 minutes

Bank details: South Africans, send me a WhatsApp to 084 504 7339 to request them or international friends, make your payment via Paypal

Your investment: R900/ $60 for a 60-minute session, R1100/ $75 for a 75-minute session (if you’re familiar with the concepts, you might need only a 60-minute session; however, most people prefer a 75-minute session)

How this works:

  • Make your payment by EFT/ Paypal
  • I will send you a confirmation email to the same email address with the preparation handout and the Zoom call details.
  • Before our session, if you don’t already have Zoom downloaded, please do so.
  • I’ll send a meeting request with reminders built-in that will alert you closer to our session.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you unleash your tendency!

F, who wants to be anonymous, also liked it…

Throughout our time together I felt like the biggest light bulb was switched on for me. As Marcia started explaining the tendencies and I realised what mine was, a lot of things in my life started making sense. All my life I’ve tried to suppress who I am and that is why I never felt comfortable in my own skin.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “why am I like this?”, then I say you need to do this.

F, the responsible Rebel

and you will like it too! In fact, I think you’ll love it!

People who attend Four Tendencies coaching are left changed, empowered, free, encouraged, understood, seen, uplifted and supported, and I want you to feel exactly the same.