What to do when it all gets too much

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4 June 2008

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Hi everybody

A very big WELCOME to all our new subscribers – I’m so happy to have you on board!

I was driving home at about 5:15 pm a few days ago when I had to switch on my headlights because it was going dark. When we were in Dublin, that would mean there were another 5 hours of daylight left. Isn’t that amazing?!

If you’re in the southern hemisphere like I am, you’re experiencing winter and what better time than to get organised? I love pottering around my house and when it’s cold outside, I want to hibernate more. So I cook and bake while doing little organising projects in my kitchen, office, etc. Just this weekend, I organised my husband’s “launch pad” and it’s looking gorgeous!

So think about what you could do this winter (or summer), and if you’re in Jhb, I do have TWO spots available for Saturday’s Business Organising Intensive. You can see if this is for you here: http://www.marciafrancois.com/?page_id=34

For those in the northern hemisphere, enjoy your summer. Take some time off and get refreshed so those creative business ideas can start flourishing again!

In other news, I’m going to be launching something special in about a month’s time and I can’t wait. I can’t tell you very much more than that right now because I’m still finalising the details (in fact, I have to report in to MY coach at the end of this week). More next week!

But now, onto this week’s article…


What to do when it all gets too much…


I get so many emails from small business owners who tell me that it ALL just gets so overwhelming they don’t know where to start.

One day everything is okay and the next it seems as if the paper is all over the place, they can’t find what they need on their computer, they have 14 000 emails in their inbox (yes, really!) and they are paralysed with overwhelm.

They can’t even get to URGENT tasks, let alone IMPORTANT, marketing and business development opportunities.

This is what I suggest:


If your paper is driving you crazy, then spend an hour or two focussed on nothing else but sorting the paper. If it’s your email, then set your timer, set a goal and start replying.

For me personally, I can’t work with an untidy desk. I keep nothing on my desk except the current project and usually if I’m feeling very overwhelmed, I FIRST clear my desk and then I can focus on my to-do list.


Now the key is to spend 5 minutes a day maintaining that organised space. It is amazing how spending just 5 minutes in each area of your office will set you up for success the following day.

It means that you can “hit the ground running” when you start the next day’s work. If you come spend a half-day with me on my Business Organising Intensive, I show you EXACTLY how to set up your day, week and month so that your business feels fun and doesn’t frazzle you 🙂

7 easy steps to organise your office


biophotomichelle2.jpg“Your office guide put the organizing process together so that it was simple to implement.

It transformed my overwhelm into “ah ha!” and gave me a system that clicked for me. Instead of just giving me one piece of a puzzle that I could use, you put the puzzle together for me and the light bulb in my head finally came on.”

Michelle Shaeffer
Web designer and work-at-home mom


Get your copy here:



Make a list of 10-minute tasks and keep it on your desk, in plain view. Next time you have 10 minutes before you have to leave for a meeting, or you’re on hold with a customer services representative, check your list and see what you can do to organise your office.


my desk

Some tasks that I like to keep for those 10 minutes are:

* filing
* tidying my desk
* decluttering a file
* making a phone call or two
* going through my sent items and following up on email
* easy web maintenance
* uploading blog photos

you can read more about 10-minute clutter hacks for the office here

If you stick to these 3 steps, you should be more focussed and productive with your work.

Alternatively, give me a call and let’s talk about how I can help you get the results you want.



I have only TWO more spaces for Private Platinum clients on the next Business Organising Intensive – spend the morning with Marcia, the Organising Queen herself 😉
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Interview with Pamela Weir

Interview with Jenn Givler

Have a wonderful week!

Love and (organising) success
Marcia Francois

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