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I haven’t sold any product for over a year but I’m starting up again. To celebrate, I’m having a huge opening sale on just 4 products:

  1. Discover yourself
  2. How to set and achieve your goals
  3. Big, Juicy goals
  4. Organise your home… because organising is in the top 3 things on most people’s to-do lists as they enter the new year.

Important note:

Only read the descriptions on the pages that are linked. You have to come back to this page to buy because this is the page with the reduced amounts. Please – I can’t refund if you use the other page but I can throw in extra stuff, ok?

Click theย Add to Cart button underneath the product and the picture of the shopping cart will appear.

The discounts have already been applied to the price so no need to bother about codes that don’t work, etc.

One last thing – I don’t have any autoresponders set up yet (because I’ve run at a loss this year and I had to let some things go) so I will personally send out emails with your purchases ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ll get it within 24 hours, hopefully sooner, promise ๐Ÿ™‚

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Live intentionally in 2017 and beyond

Discover yourself e-course

Discover yourself self-paced workshop

This content will be delivered to you all at once. You then have the choice to dive in, all or nothing style and work through it all at once, or you can set a reminder and have a date with yourself once a week to get through it in 4 weeks.


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If you’re tired of drifting along and getting nowhere, then it’s time to take charge of the things in life you can control.

The first product is for beginner goal-setters and the second one is for those who already have some success in goal-setting. But these are more than 50% off (because I really want everrrrrrryone to have one – a la Oprah!) so why not grab both?!

How to set and achieve your goals


Big, Juicy Goalsย (scroll down the page)


Goals product bundle


Organise your home

Organise your home e-course



A huge thank you for your support!

Organising Queen