2014 reader survey feedback

Thank you again to those of you who participated in the May 2014 reader survey!

Organising Queen


  • 30% of you are in your 40s, 26,3% are in your 30s and 26,3% of you are in your 50s
  • 40% of you live in North America, 31% of you live either in South Africa, or other parts of Africa and 15,5% of you live in Europe. These are the top 3 geographical areas represented. Of interest is that not 1 of the respondents was from South America.
  • 41% of you work full-time, 17% of you run your own businesses and 27% of you are either retired, studying or are stay at home moms.

86% of you signed up for organising tips, 80% of you signed up for time management tips and 46% want to be inspired to live more intentionally.

There are two areas that most of you say are challenging areas for you – personal goals and time management (71% each), and 46% said organising your home. That’s good – I have many resources to help you in these areas.

The next sets of questions were all free-form and asked what your biggest challenge was in each of these areas.

Organising your home – the answers varied but a majority said they had a challenge with getting motivated to start, knowing how to do it, and maintaining it all. If you haven’t yet checked it out, Organise your Home addresses all of this beautifully.

Organising your time – some big themes: procrastination, perfectionism, dealing with distractions, follow-through and focus. The answers in this section were amazingly rich. I took them all, broke it all up into themes and wrote a 5-week time management course dealing with every single question. You can find that here. The first group of people actually just finished the first Help! I need more time course.

Personal goals was interesting. People are interested in pursuing their own interests and goals, but either say they have no time or they don’t know where to start, lack support and accountability, or keep putting others first. This is so common. This is why the Live Organised Community was developed.

Organising Queen

Then I had a section on preferences

  • Jhb readers most want to learn about 1) Simplifying and getting the right things done 2) Discover yourself and 3) Boundaries – I’m going to put together a little survey and send it out to see if people will actually pay. This is the strange and sad thing – workshops are the MOST fun thing for me to do, but the most stress and the hardest work. Venues cost a lot of money to hire. The last time I looked into this just the venue and food were nearly R400 per person, so I might have to contact a coffee shop to see if I can make it work!
  • On e-courses, teleseminars or workshops – an overwhelming majority voted for e-courses first, then depending on the topic, either teleseminars or in-person workshops. That’s good because I have a ton of e-courses available in the shop.

Coaching preferences

  • Again, most prefer email coaching, something I currently don’t offer but might bring back. I found that people wanted the same level of weekly coaching by email…. and it was impossible to deliver at that price. Let me think about it and come up with something 🙂
  • Second most popular, people prefer a once-a-month format with in between email accountability. That we can definitely do!

Organising Queen

Other interesting comments

I had such lovely comments and testimonials from people on the newsletter, blog, products, coaching, etc.

Of interest – many love the personal notes and would like to read even more about me (gosh!) and life in South Africa. I can do that.

I also had some great potential topics for blog posts and newsletters – thank you.

There were a few confusing comments

Maybe I should clarify in case this is unclear. While I love doing this and helping people through it, I am definitely also selling information, consulting and my coaching services. I’m not trying to hide that at all. I’m highly skilled at these sorts of things and it takes large amounts of my time for me to do the newsletter, blogs, etc. so yes, I deserve to get paid for that. The “experts” suggest you work on a ratio of 7:1 (7 pieces of free information to 1 pure sale). I do even less than that so I don’t feel bad about selling at all.

There is absolutely no pressure to ever buy anything – some people have been on the list for years and simply get their organising fix from the newsletter and blogs. Awesome! I’ve done the same on other lists and waited for the right time/ product to come along for me to buy.

However, I’m not going to lie. I am very grateful to others who do buy a product now and again, or those who buy my book, because it costs me money every month to maintain the website, blog, send out the newsletter, etc. whether I make a sale or not.

Organising Queen

Last but not least, I love your feedback. Tell me what you want to see more of on the blog and in the newsletter. I’m happy to write it if it ties into my high-level plan for the blog 🙂