One of my biggest frustrations is that I know my products can help so many people … if only I could reach them.


The truth is that I can only access a certain number of people but together we can reach many more.

  • Have you been a follower of mine for awhile?
  • Will you join with me and help me spread the word?
  • Would you like to make some extra money promoting my products?

If that’s you, I’m very excited to announce that I finally found a system that I can work with here in South Africa to reward those who want to help me promote my work.

Join my Affiliate Programme

 How this works:

  1. Click the link to join my affiliate programme.
  2. E-junkie will lead you through the process and give you the code to put on your blog or website. This code is unique to you!
  3. Start promoting authentically – I say that because I really hate being sold to in a salesy way but when someone genuinely likes something and tells me about it, it feels right to want to take a look. I’m sure you’re the same.
  4. I pay 40% of every sale to my affiliates – isn’t that great?
  5. We will pay to your paypal account one week after the end of every month. However if you’re selling the $1,99 books, we’ll wait till your affiliate income reaches $20, just to make sure the return on our (Trisha’s and my) time investment makes sense.

Sound good? Great!

I’m so thankful that you’ve decided to be part of my team!

Join my Affiliate Programme

Love and success



PS with one or two conscious and intentional efforts, you can make some nice pocket money every month if you have a blog.