Make big leaps with a step a day


 by Marcia Francois


Remember that HIGH importance, LOW urgency quadrant we spoke about before?

What if you took just ONE step closer to your goals every single day?

Just one.

It sounds harder than it is.


Let’s say your goal is to write a book. Would it surprise you to know that the majority of people have this on their “things to do before I die” lists? That’s why I know this resonates with a lot of you.

What is the absolute first step? Decide what to write about. This step looks simple but you need to see if people would read it, if publishing houses would buy it, if there’s a market so it will actually sell.

So maybe the first two weeks is spent checking all that out.

The rest of the month might be outlining the whole book – what do you need to cover, how many chapters? Etc, etc.

And then comes the writing. Now if I were coaching you, I’d make you write at least 5 minutes a day because writers WRITE.

To some, that seems like nothing much but 5 mins a day is 35 mins a week which is over 2 hours a month, at the very least.

And of course, some days just getting those 5 minutes done will be a miracle 😉 but other days, you’ll spend 30 minutes or more easily writing.

And that’s how you can make big leaps with just a step a day.

People ask me how I get so many things done and it’s because I do exactly this.

Now I will tell you I don’t always feel like writing or working on marketing or _______ (fill in whatever it is you don’t always feel like doing) but I do know that it will move me towards my goals.

I have a rule. EVERY WEEK, come hell or high water, I need to do AT LEAST one thing to move me towards my goals. This helps me focus on outcomes even when I’m really busy.

Think about one of your goals. Let’s say you want to go on a holiday to Ireland 😉

Let’s break it down.

1. Decide exactly where in Ireland you want to visit.

2. Investigate prices of airfare, hotels, B&B’s, tourism, food, etc.

3. Check your savings account to see what you have available.

4. Based on the shortfall, decide on the amount of money you need to save every month.

5. Decide length of holiday and itinerary while there.

6. Book flights and check if you need a visa.

7. Book accommodation.

8. Book car rental/ decide on method of transport.

9. Pack your bags

10. Go! And take lots of pictures 🙂

Grab a piece of paper and write the steps for your own goal.

Your challenge this week is to take at least ONE step towards your goal this week.

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