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Organise your office | Marcia Francois

If you want to get your office organised, whether it’s a corner of the dining-room table, the kitchen counter or a separate room in your house, this product is for you


5 items for only $99 (you save $101)

South Africans – R1050

1. 7 easy steps to organise your office

ebook & 3 MP3 audio downloads

Conquer your email | Marcia Francois

2. Conquer your email

MP3 audio download and 27-page handbook – this portion implemented will pay for the entire system

3. Virtual organising seminar

This is an actual seminar to help you kick-start the office organising process. There are 5 20-minute downloads and a handout to help you have your own 4-hour organising session.

4. How to declutter and organise any space

MP3 download –

5. 30 days’ email support


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Marcia, I just wanted you to know that I am making big strides. In just one week, I organized my office, bought files, a label maker and even created zones.

I am inspired to work in my office again.

While it was never a mess, I found myself spending way too much time trying to find where I put this or that. Now having everything in its prospective zone is deliciously satisfying.

Ricci Jackson, C.I.D.
Certified interior decorator


Your courses on organizing helped me get my office organized according to my personality, something I had never heard of, but it helped so much!

Kristi Holl

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Pics are from Ricci Jackson’s office