What is a teleseminar?
A teleseminar happens when one person (or more than one, in some instances) present a topic via the telephone. It’s done in a conference call format so that many people can listen in all at the same time.

Why a teleseminar?
Well, for a number of reasons:
1. It’s a way for people from all over the world to get together in one place, at one time.
2. No transport costs so is very cost-effective 🙂 It’s a bonus with the rising cost of fuel.
3. Saves you time – no travelling to and from the seminar
4. You don’t need to get all dressed up (half the time, I’m in my pyjamas or my gym clothes because it’s evening here in South Africa)
5. It’s a low-cost way to “see if we click” if you’re thinking of working with me 😉

Here’s an email I received from a “newbie” teleseminar user

First I would like to thank you for the Free Seminar last week. It was the first time I ever participated in one of these types of seminars, and I truly enjoyed every minute of it!! Since then, I have been looking at all your other seminars that you offer, and will probably be buying one soon.

So, I did my first day today of trying to keep track of my time. I used a daily log sheet and I am already in shock at how much time I waste in the morning on the internet and watching tv (news, etc.) Then I had some banking to do, and stopped at the dollar store , and then went and bought paint. More time wasted while shopping at the dollar store, I didn’t need a thing in there.

Actually keeping the log is the biggest first step in managing time, I can see. Now I know where my time is going and it is only Day one.

Thanks again!
Mary from New York (this lady did go on to buy another product)

What do you need?
A normal phone (landline). That’s it – no fancy equipment or state-of-the-art phone. You can use a cell phone but the quality is worse because of interference.

I also recommend a notebook and pen (with all my teleseminars (free or paid), I usually provide a downloadable handbook)

I don’t have internet at home
No problem – you don’t need the internet. All you need is a normal telephone line.

I don’t know if I like the idea of learning in a group
No problem – you don’t need to be on the call live. You can wait for the download link and progress at your own pace.

Honestly, I do this about 50% of the time myself because of the time differences. I’m usually asleep at 3 am when most teleseminars happen.

How much do they cost?
Well, some are free and some are for a fee. I clearly spell out whether mine are for free or for a fee. I will say this – you can get lots of valuable content for free but if you want the real “nuts and bolts” as with anything in life, you usually have to pay.

Telephone costs for South African readers

If you have internet access, then download Skype and buy Skype credit. It is ridiculously cheap at about R15 for an hour. I usually buy $10 at a time (R90) but you can pay in Euro or Pound too.

I have investigated everything out there, and especially researched the best option for South Africans, and this is the most cost-effective option. If you don’t trust me, go ahead and do the research yourself. I won’t be offended 🙂

(with Telkom, you’d pay about R2,50 per MINUTE! I know – crazy!!!)

How do you join up?
For all teleseminars, usually the host will provide a link on their website. When you go to the link, there’s a box for you to sign up. Once you’ve signed up, you get the access information, phone number and any handouts (if there are any). I have noticed that not many people provide handouts for free calls.

So how do they work?
You (the guest) will get a number to dial so that you can access the call. At the appointed time (I actually recommend a few minutes before the time), you dial in, key in the access code and get ready to learn.

If the host allows you to say hello, do jump in – it’s SO lovely to connect with people and hear where you’re calling from (or maybe that’s just me). At specific times during the call, the host may open the call to take some questions, exactly like at a real seminar. Use this opportunity to get your questions answered. Chances are if you’re thinking it, other people want to know too.

What if the time doesn’t suit me?
No problem. The calls are usually recorded and the download link will be sent to everyone who has registered. When you get the link, all you do is click and you can save the MP3 on your computer.

I like to either tidy my office while catching up with my own downloads, but if I have more than one a week, I burn the MP3 to a disc and listen in my car. You can also copy it to your iPod if you like.

If you have any more questions, please email me and I’ll add to this list after I reply to your email. My address is marcia AT