1. Discover yourself self-paced workshop

Discover yourself e-course
  • This content will be delivered to you all at once.
  • You then have the choice to dive in, all or nothing style and work through it all at once, or you can set a reminder and have a date with yourself once a week to get through it in 4 weeks.

2. Big, Juicy Goals Product Bundle

11-01 1282 If you’re tired of drifting along and getting nowhere, then it’s time to take charge of the things in life you can control. Big, Juicy goals product bundle How to set and achieve your goals workbook PLUS Big, Juicy Goals audio and handout

3. Break out of overwhelm

IMG_6406 If you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, Break out of overwhelm is just the thing to help you get clarity, formulate a plan and take steps out of that overwhelm. Audio recording and handout Your investment is $37

4. Virtual Organising Seminar

This is a private, virtual workshop in any four-hour block of time that works for you. There is built-in accountability because most people want that, but if you don’t, just let me know and I’ll not email you afterwards or send you the meeting invite. Audio recordings, handout and accountability Your investment is $97

5. My books